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APRIL 2013

Message from CEO Karen Martin

Is Spring really here or will the snow return? As I left Malvern yesterday, for a meeting in London, the last of the snow drifts in my garden had melted but there were snowflakes in the air. By the date of the next eNews hopefully there will be leaves on the trees and summer will feel well on the way.

The last few months have been busy working closely with the team and Trustees to agree a focused plan of activity for this year to share with the Branches, Committees and Working Parties. This plan will be circulated shortly but has already been discussed with the Education and Training Committee, who met this week and agreed to undertake three key objectives over the next nine months. As you would expect the plan is linked closely to our purpose, aims and objectives and really helps us focus our energy and time on work which promotes:

  • The provision of relevant and up-to-date information in relation to:
    • Managing trees in environments which are extremely diverse; gardens, parks, transport corridors, railway lines, security of power supply (utility), water supply, city centres etc
    • Cultivating and planting in a sustainable way
    • Pest and Disease and threats; how to identify and manage these
    • Bio-security in amenity tree management
    • Environmental factors
    • Sociological factors
    • Creating resilient tree populations for future generations
    • Ecological considerations
    • Planning regulations and other such considerations
    • Research
  • Advancing the study of arboriculture and raising standards
  • Raising governmental and public awareness
  • Fostering and promoting an interest in trees through publications, exhibitions and the stimulation of research or experiment
  • Being the Voice of Arboriculture for an industry with a range of specialisations and interest groups to the Public and External Organisations

As a charity we need to ensure we use our resources i.e. our people and funds as effectively and efficiently as we can. Having an agreed plan of activity will assist in this and enable us maximise the input of those unsung heroes, our members, who constantly put in on a voluntary basis their own time and effort to promote Arboriculture and the Association. My thanks go to them.

So what will we be focusing on this month? Well, agreeing objectives with the Committees, looking at how we market, as best we are able, the ARB Show in June... Conference in September... and handling the mass of bookings for the popular Pest and Disease workshops. The field guide accompanying this will be available from 14 June 2013. On a more personal note I will also be changing the awful photograph of me which was in the last eNews. I know it’s vanity but hey ho that’s my prerogative!

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Tree Pests and Diseases – An Arborists' Field Guide

New Pest & Disease Workshop with FREE field guide for all attendees

As an industry, we know that we should pay more attention to the causes of failure and ill health in our trees. As working arborists we tend to approach trees from a practical, technical perspective, but how many of us really consider how the symptoms have arisen and why these trees need the work specified? The AA is pleased to announce a new workshop on pests and diseases to help answer these questions. It costs £60.00 + VAT for members (£70.00 + VAT for non-members) and all those attending receive a FREE copy of our latest publication Tree Pests and Diseases – An Arborists’ Field Guide. The roadshow-style event will run at 11 venues across the country, so book your place to avoid disappointment. READ MORE >>

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3ATC Arboricultural Association Arborist Tree Challenge

Do you think you’re ARB enough?

The Arboricultural Association Arborist Tree Challenge (3ATC) and College Climbing Competitions (CCC) are back for 2013 with over £1200 in prizes to be won. College Climbing Competitions are run exclusively for student teams. Each college can enter a number of teams of three students, and to make it fair we ask that each team member must have climbed for less than two years. We recognise more experienced or mature students want to participate so we have a premier student level where individuals compete against their peers from other colleges. The first event is the Southern Student 3ATC CCC to be held on 30 April 2013 at Sparsholt College and places are being filled quickly. Book online now: READ MORE & BOOK YOUR PLACE >>

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The ARB Show 2013 - 14-15 June at The Bathurst Estate, Cirencester

The ARB Show 2013, sponsored by Stihl, 14–15 June

The biggest arboricultural show and networking event – is it in your diary? This year will see a packed event with technical demonstrations, the 3ATC CCC, new products for both climbing and ground work, speed briefing events and on-site camping. With over 60 exhibitors already confirmed and products ranging from climbing harnesses to books, boots to goggles, grinders to MEWPs and software to saws, The ARB Show is a true one-stop shop for your specialist needs. READ MORE >>

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Ancient and Other Veteran Trees - new publication

Ancient and Other Veteran Trees

The Ancient Tree Forum has released a new book on the management of ancient and veteran trees, edited by David Lonsdale and endorsed and supported by the Arboricultural Association and 10 other organisations. It is essential reading for all tree owners, advisers and practitioners. This book recognises that, alongside the appreciation of old trees, there are responsibilities for their continuity, protection and care. This illustrated, practical handbook brings together the latest guidance in relation to protecting ancient trees, how to survey and evaluate them, how to conserve their habitat values and how to undertake appropriate tree management. READ MORE >>

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Defra concedes it is impossible to eradicate ash dieback

Defra has admitted it will be impossible to eradicate ash dieback from the UK in its management plan. The document released by the department on 26 March outlines four key objectives as follows:

  • Reducing the rate of spread of the disease
  • Developing resistance to the disease in the native ash tree population
  • Encouraging landowner, citizen and industry engagement in surveillance, monitoring and action in tackling the problem
  • Building economic and environmental resilience in woodlands.

The government does not offer any specific support for nurseries which have had to discard non-saleable ash. DOWNLOAD PLAN >>

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Major hunt for Chalara-resistant ash trees

A major project to find Chalara-resistant ash trees has been announced by Environment Secretary Owen Paterson. The £1.5 million project is part of the latest Chalara Management Plan and will see a quarter of a million young ash trees planted in up to 25 sites. READ MORE >>

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STHAG issue Chalara guidance

The Scottish Tree Health Action Group (STHAG) has issued guidance on Chalara die-back of ash in Scotland along with associated guidance on Dothistroma needle blight and Ramorum on larch (see the Scottish Branch section of the AA’s website.) READ MORE >>


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The Sustain Awards 2013, YouTube Video

Chartered Environmentalist of the Year announced at the Sustain Awards 2013

The Chartered Environmentalist of the Year 2013 Award has been presented to David Stubbs, the former head of sustainability for London 2012, by Tony Juniper, the President of the Society for the Environment. SEE MORE >>

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Biodiversity 2020

Biodiversity 2020

Following a recent meeting with Gill Perkins, Conservation Manager of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, we are reminded just how important trees are to the support of bees generally. The Bumblebee Conservation Trust has developed a leaflet giving details of some trees for bees and their Outreach Officer, Anthony McCluskey, has written a blog article giving information about the benefits. READ MORE >>

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Your Town Needs More Trees

Your Towns Needs More Trees

The Woodland Trust has launched a new document identifying and illustrating the importance of our urban tree population for water quality and control. The report focuses on the role of trees, tree planting and greenspace in managing water in urban areas. Trees in urban and suburban environments can play an important part in water management, including safeguarding water quality and contributing to flood alleviation. The report identifies that although central and local government have a critical role, individuals and businesses are also key to improving local water quality and reducing flood risk. READ MORE >>

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Ride for Research 2013

Calling all cyclists – Ride for Research 2013

The Ride for Research is heading to Glasgow and will take place on 30 April 2013 and it has been timed to coincide with the Institute of Chartered Foresters’ annual conference: Woodlands and the Green Economy Capitalising on Ecosystem Services. READ MORE >>. The two rides last year raised over £2,500 and the aim is to increase this total in 2013.

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Call on government to prevent Forestry Commission merger

Leading bodies concerned with the management of England’s woodlands have joined forces to call on the government to keep Forestry Commission England as a distinct body. An open letter has been sent to Owen Paterson, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, and was published in the Daily Telegraph. READ MORE >>

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Chair creator Dave Green, left, and RFS President Nick Halsey, right, with the unique Windsor chair commissioned by the RFS to mark Her Majesty the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Image copyright 2013 ©Royal Forestry Society

Jubilee Windsor chair presented at Buckingham Palace

The Royal Forestry Society presented a unique Windsor chair, made from native elm and yew, at Buckingham Palace to mark The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. READ MORE >>

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Trees for Cities
The Trees for Cities Logo

Trees for Cities reaches 20 years

Trees for Cities has reached a milestone birthday of 20 years, and to celebrate the organisation intends to plant 70,000 new trees. Trees for Cities launched its 20th birthday activities by planting 20,000 trees, including 15,000 trees in its 20th Birthday Woodland in Ray Park, London Borough of Redbridge, with the help of volunteers and Mayor Boris Johnson’s Team London Ambassadors. More celebrations are planned for the summer: between 23 June and 26 July Trees for Cities will join forces for its 20th Birthday with the City of London Festival. READ MORE >>

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The Woodland Trust - Jubilee Woods

Woodland Trust completes 6 million trees planted

Project Patron HRH The Princess Royal has planted the 6 millionth tree in the Woodland Trust’s Jubilee Woods project with Prime Minister David Cameron. The Woodland Trust has thanked everyone who supported the project. Together teams have planted over 5000 hectares – that’s 12,355 acres or the equivalent tree cover of three times the size of all the Royal Parks in London.

Millions of people – communities, schools, landowners and businesses – have helped create:

  • 60 Diamond Woods of at least 60 acres, each marking a year of Her Majesty The Queen’s reign
  • 400 Jubilee Woods, each over an acre
  • 1 (460-acre) magnificent flagship Diamond Wood in the heart of The National Forest.



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ArbJobs.com - Tree Jobs

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