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Arboricultural Association Press Release
An Official Press Release from the Arboricultural Association
1 May 2020

Arboricultural Association & Tree Officer Groups Launch Watering Campaign

1 May 2020


The Arboricultural Association, London Tree Officers Association (LTOA), Municipal Tree Officers Association (MTOA) and the Association of Tree Officers (ATO) have launched a campaign to ensure that newly planted trees are watered regularly over the summer months, highlighting the fact that young tree maintenance is just as important as planting.

Arboricultural Association, London Tree Officers Association, Association of Tree Officers and Municipal Tree Officers Association

The dry weather which much of the UK experienced during April raised the question about how trees might be affected by COVID-19 if those people who ordinarily water them are no longer able to do so. Hundreds of thousands of trees have been planted over the last couple of years, but without proper aftercare they will not make it into maturity.

Tree Watering Campaign Posters and Tree Tags

Many local authorities and community groups have developed their own labels for trees to encourage residents to water them, but the Association felt there was a need for more generic material which would be used by residents, community groups and local authorities throughout the country if they did not have the time or resources to produce their own.


The Association has worked with tree officers across the country to develop new materials for a tree watering campaign which was launched on May 1st. This collaborative project with the London Tree Officers Association (LTOA), Municipal Tree Officers Association (MTOA) and Association of Tree Officers (ATO) has resulted in an information poster and watering tags which can be printed at home and affixed to tree stakes or tied to the tree. These are free to download and can be found online at www.trees.org.uk/watering


Arboricultural Association Technical Director John Parker said:
“it has been great to work together with the three tree officer groups on this important new campaign which helps to highlight the fact that young tree maintenance is just as important as planting.”

Please Water Me
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Press contact: Stephen Hodsman (stephen@trees.org.uk) at the Arboricultural Association.

Date: 1 May 2020



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